Groovesizer Bravo Brings Drums to the MB

The Groovesizer Multiboard (or MB) just got some rather sparkly new firmware in the shape of Bravo which turns the instrument into a 4 voice drum machine with a 32 step sequencer.

Once loaded up, Bravo allows for pitch, volume, swing, tempo and distortion controls affecting the audio but you also get the ability to save and recall patterns, step repeat, and it also transmits MIDI clock data allowing for other devices to be synced up with the Groovesizer MB.

Perhaps this doesn’t sound like much to shout about but, much in the same vein as the excellent Soulsby Synthesizer Atmegatron, the Groovesizer MB allows uploading of different firmware that turns it into completely different instruments! In this case a 3 oscillator monosynth as well as a granuar synth. We here at BOS are massive fans of this approach.

The Groovesizer MB is available in kit form or ready built and starts at $168 US. The Bravo firmware is available now. Full details on the Groovesizer site.




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