Book Of Sound

The ability and opportunity to create, record and process audio has exponentially increased over the past fifteen years. It would stand to reason that sales in magazines already catering to this exploding market would be booming but this is not the case. Many of the same technologies that have enabled this audio revolution are hurting the traditional audio magazine format and there needs to be a new approach.

Enter Book of Sound.

A new generation of audio devotees has blossomed in this current environment and we understand who they are and what they want. They come from all industries that work with audio, they are old, they are young, they are male, female, professional, amateur, students, multi-disciplined, globally aware, they are truly without borders and preconceptions about what audio has to be. We know that they will go to Youtube or Vimeo for a tutorial. We know they will go to a newssite or Twitter for the latest announcements. We know that they are passionate and revere the technology that audio is built upon. We know this because we are them.

Book Of Sound is a brand new journal designed for our forward looking generation. Come join us.



www.bookofsound.com is the companion site and online home for the Book Of Sound print publication. Focusing on the content that cannot be carried in the journal essayonlinewriter.com, www.bookofsound.com is a dependable, reliable destination for audio lovers.