Meet The Team

Lee Mansfield – Publishing Director

Lee has been at the forefront of Life Media Group for almost twenty years. During this time he has become a respected and highly experienced figure within the photographic industry as well as expanding the company into the health and travel arenas.

Simon Skinner – Group Director and Advertising

Having spent many years working within the music industry, Simon has spent plenty of days in the back of the tour bus, working with & documenting acts such as The Libertines, Coldplay, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and Bloc Party. Moving neatly into the murky world of magazine publishing a decade ago, carrying the baton for the photography industry newspaper PIXEL, Simon has been integral in the conception and launch of Book Of Sound, as well as its sister publication Hungry Eye.

Francis Kimberley – Editor

Francis Kimberley is the editor at Book Of Sound. Having spent the last 10 years working as a mastering engineer, roadie, dj, mix engineer, and occasional saxophone player, Francis is a self confessed gearhead and is fascinated with all forms of technology, and its applications, across the audio spectrum. Francis launched and edited the audio technology site Audioslap for nearly two years before moving over to Book Of Sound. Francis is currently the mastering engineer at Hungry Bear Mastering.

Martin Walker

By the time he became a professional musician and sound designer in the 1980s, Martin Walker had already been an electronic engineer, a training manager for Atari, and a software author with a handful of well-received computer games to his credit. His next seven years were spent on game soundtrack and sound effect commissions, completing over 100 projects across nine computer game formats. By the mid-1990s he had also started contributing heavily to music technology magazines writing columns, reviews and features.

Esther Ainsworth

A London based Sound Artist. Her work takes the form of installation and performance. Concentrating on the soundscapes of specific environments, her methodology is to collect field recordings and produce sound compositions of the places she encounters. This work has lead to numerous appointments and residencies over the last eleven years in the UK and abroad, including Sturovo, Slovakia, Bow Church in East London, the Kings Place “Out Hear” programme, and Bridge Links for Camden Council.


Book Of Sound is a Life Media Group publication.