Have you ever been fed up with Apple’s closed ecosystem and inflated prices? Perhaps you’re bored to death with Windows falling over for little reason? Maybe you need to look at other options, and you wouldn’t be alone in doing so. A new community driven online project, Libre Music Production launched this week with the intention of becoming a one stop shop for all who regularly use, or are looking at breaking free from the current standards and branching out into Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS).

The idea of Libre Music Production (LMP) was born out of a perceived lack of integrated resources, and in particular a lack of information aimed at new and non-technical users. By providing hands-on material submitted by the community, such as guides, tutorials, articles and news updates, it’s the aim of Libre Music Production to show you that there is FLOSS audio software out there that’s a real alternative to the usual formats, as well as show you how to practically use that software to make music.

“On LMP you will find both text and video tutorials, as well as articles, that present a workflow for making music with FLOSS software,” says Gabriel Nordeborn, Co-Founder of LMP. “A wonderful and wide range of options exist for people who want to create music with FLOSS tools. However, a single resource to bring it all together has been lacking. This is no longer the case.”

Libre Music Production features articles on the basic steps in a FLOSS music workflow such as:

  • Selecting an audio-orientated Linux distribution
  • Getting the right hardware for recording
  • Understanding JACK, the all-important Linux audio server
  • Producing music with FLOSS software

The articles and tutorials are supported by a Jargon Buster and FAQ-section, as well as a tools listing, and all are linked to throughout the website.

We here at Book Of Sound think that as computer component and hardware production becomes cheaper and technological literacy proliferates with each new generation of musicians, FLOSS may well be the a shining beacon in the future of audio production. The creation of LMP is a great step in formalising a community as well as driving innovation and focusing attention within, and on to, the community.

Libre Music Production can be found at www.libremusicproduction.com

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